How We Grow


Our Business Practices are socially responsible, protect the environment and the rights of workers. Our clients are strongly committed to the high quality of their products as much as to their corporate social responsibility policy.


In today's globalized world, global business grow by responding to new opportunities, addressing complex challenges and innovating to deliver products and services responsibly.

How we address risk in our business and meet the needs of our stakeholders is evolving. It requires us to consider the social and environmental aspects and conditions of where we source, which materials will be used for in our products, the conditions under which they will be crafted and how they will be delivered and eventually, consumed.

Sustainability is a defining part of our corporate culture and it provides us with a critical framework on how to manage our environmental impact, while contributing to the social and economic development of the societies in which we operate.

Therefore all our collaborators around the world were asked to enhance their performance in that respect. It guides us to improve social, environmental and economic conditions in our supply chain, reducing the environmental footprint of our own operations, enhancing the health and well-being of our colleagues, and contributing to the sustainable development of the diverse communities where we operate.

In short, our vision is to use resources efficiently, to add business value for our customers and their suppliers, and to positively impact our communities and societies.

Sedex Global Network

We are proud to be member of Sedex Global Network. This platform allows suppliers to share information about Labour Standards, Health & Safety, Environment and Business Integrity, with all their customers. Join us!

Community Engagement

Positively impact the communities where we live and work requires colleagues-driven initiatives, that, together with globally-driven campaigns, focus our efforts to support communities, care for the environment, and build human capital. Since we firmly believe the key to sustainable business is a sustainable world and a sustainable society, we amplify and extend positive outcomes and enhance results by working with community partners around the globe, and by encouraging colleagues to spread awareness and action through their work and personal networks, as well as donating and actively participating in such programs.


How We Grow

Encosta Creative Trading Group’s entire equity is privately owned. The group has no long-term debt and grow solely through retained earnings.


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The group has no long-term debt and grow solely through retained earnings. The group financial headquarters are based in Hong Kong, China. Each office follows the legislation and tax system in vigor in their respective countries.

Please contact us at for any further financial highlight required.


Our People

Our greatest assets

We’re hiring

Encosta is people based and we believe in hiring, supporting and growing individuals with potentials into talented leaders.

Our departments

Why work for us

you will have the opportunity to:

Work in a flexible structure, with global reach and international work opportunities.

Collaborate with people with at least one deep area of expertise and a broad reach of other skills and experiences to draw on.

Seize opportunities to work across a variety of services, industries, clients, technologies, and experiences.

Thrive in an environment that will develop your talents, invest in your professional growth, and give you a lot of autonomy.

Work on innovative projects in a highly creative, and ever-changing field.

Work on highly collaborative projects with teams comprising of people from multiple disciplines and backgrounds.

In a unique and sustainable workplace for enthusiastic professionals, our human-centered work environment constantly addresses challenges to make certain our employee growth and wellness is at the top.



The face of the company, our traders are committed to excellence and dedication in order to fulfil our clients’ needs. They are great analysts, with experience in sales and build strong genuine relationships with our clients.


Encosta’s Purchasing department is critical in the way that it ensures our clients’ needs are matched. They give a special attention to details and enhance long-lasting relationships with suppliers from around the world.


The Supply Chain department deals with every aspect of our activities. The core of the company and our business model, they make sure that what has to be done is successfully achieved to match the customers’ requirements. Dedicated individuals, they are willing to travel the entire planet if they have to ensure our clients’ projects are realized in the best possible manner.


The Creative department assists our customers in designing the best project for their needs, providing tailored solutions to surpass our clients expectations.


The department on which our entire company relays, taking care of managing the firm’s operational capacity.